New Brunswick Botanical Garden

…and the last brief entry during this stint of vacation. This Canada goose “statue” is part of the whimsical Mosaiculture art series at New Brunswick Botanical Garden.

New Brunswick Botanical Garden Mosaic

5 responses to “New Brunswick Botanical Garden”

  1. spanish bluebell

    Oh, pretty…is that a gazebo in the corner?

  2. Sara

    I love it! Who is the artist? I imagine the goose changes colors with the seasons, ie. green in spring, maybe a flowering plant in the form? Great visual and wonderful idea starter for my own landscape.

  3. phillip

    ..almost looks like Stow Lake…SF…Golden Gate..park…

  4. elizabeth a irhart

    just another resident of canada on the way to florida for the winter

  5. Daniel Mosquin

    Yes, that’s a gazebo in the corner.
    Sorry, not sure who the artist is — but there are a number of these wire-framed sculptures in the garden. I’ve only seen them in the autumn, but yes, they do change colour through the year as plants grow, bloom, senesce etc.

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