Cathedral Provincial Park

Last week, I visited British Columbia’s Cathedral Provincial Park for hiking, photography, and botanizing. Though I’ve yet to identify anything rare in what I photographed, it was a pleasure to visit the area for both the scenery and the sheer diversity of flora and fauna. I’m estimating, but I’d guess at least a hundred different plant species were in bloom, including mass displays of Lupinus, Valeriana & Arnica in the subalpine and, only hinted at in the bottom of this photograph, the yellow-flowering Dasiphora fruticosa (née Potentilla fruticosa) at or above treeline.

The trees in the valley above and around Glacier Lake (if clicking on the Google Maps link, it is misnamed Cathedral Lakes) are mainly Larix lyallii, or alpine larch (sometimes called subalpine larch). The populations in this part of southern British Columbia and adjacent Washington state (where it occurs in larger extent) are considered disjunct from the main part of the species distributional range in the Rocky Mountains. I have read that the hike from Quiniscoe Lake to Glacier Lake is spectacular in mid- to late September, when the needles of Larix lyallii turn golden and begin to fall like a light, soft snow. But that will be a trip for another year…

Cathedral Provincial Park

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  1. Bonnie


  2. annie Morgan

    Must repeat “spectacular”!!!

  3. Debra Tetrault

    What a strange déjà vu experience I had when I clicked on your link. This week’s theme at is glacial landforms. There was a link provided (link at end) which compared Alaskan glacier then and now pictures. Your picture today is reminiscent of several of the “after” pictures. I wonder how long it has been since Glacier Lake has been dominated by a glacier and how different the flora might have been then.

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  5. elizabeth a airhart

    chef-d’oeuvre daniel thank you

  6. phillip

    what a beautiful place for an icy swim…!

  7. Todd A. Christensen

    Must repeat (and accessorize, if you will): spectaculariffic!
    Thanks for these awesome additions to our Inboxes, day in and day out…….

  8. kathy lange

    Today I received another blank page.Have the text, but no Provincial Park. Same thing has happened before and to another person as I read in the posts.

  9. Daniel Mosquin

    Kathy, did you refresh the page (as I explained in an earlier posting)? If that doesn’t work, then the other possibility is that you have a problem with a virus on your computer.

  10. Melissa Caspary

    Thank you for giving me a little piece of BC to carry with me through my day!

  11. Renee in Texas

    What a welcome site this morning, especially knowing the temperature in Central Texas will once again reach over 100 degrees. It’s beautiful. Thanks.

  12. Michael

    Down in the valley, the valley so low…..

  13. Niall Williams

    The shot with its almost pastel-shading instantly reminded me of John Davidson’s hand-tinted slides.
    A beautiful Park, it is.

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