Rojasianthe superba

Short entry again today, but that’s okay because there is little information about this species on the web. The San Francisco Botanical Garden provides the best information about Rojasianthe superba in cultivation (and this is where I photographed it in early April). Do note that it has no English common name. More photographs are available via Flickr: Rojasianthe superba, including some by frequent BPotD contributor Eric in SF@Flickr.

Native to the cloud forests of Guatemala and Chiapas, Mexico, you can read more about its native habitat and associated flora in Quedensley, TS and Bragg, TB. 2007. The Asteraceae of northwestern Pico Zunil, a cloud forest in western Guatemala. (PDF). Lundellia. 10:49-70.

Rojasianthe superba

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  1. crozat pc

    I get the “photo of the day” at work (it is midday here in France) and everyday it is an excellent mini-break!
    thank you

  2. phillip

    stunning..!…salt and pepper…!

  3. david sacks

    There’s something very elegant about this one. Fashion or jewelry designers should take note. Beautiful!

  4. Ann

    Every photo is breath-taking, I collect them all, so beautiful I want one of each in my gardens 🙂
    Thank you for this precious moment every day 🙂

  5. irina

    Thank you for the beautiful photos.

  6. Rich

    Beautiful photo nicely taken. I’ve struggled with getting the exposure just right on white flowers and the black center can make it even more challenging. Many thanks.

  7. Bruce

    Wonderful picture. You usually say what is the size a plant of flower. Sometimes that is amazing as the plant!

  8. kathryn corbett

    Oh, to see it in my cool and foggy garden on California’s very north coast! Is there any way to obtain just one seed? (I’ve got a bad case of plant lust!)

  9. Debby

    For a wedding that was having a black & white color scheme this would be a lovely selection.

  10. Eric in SF

    Kathryn – contact Strybing – they have a big plant sale most months of the year and they make a good number of fantastically rare plants available to the public at the sales.
    It’s a large plant – upwards of 4-8 feet depending. The flowers aren’t small or large – I would guess 6 inches or so across. I really love the foliage, too, it’s quite attractive.

  11. wendy

    Six inches across isn’t large? The flower looks like something out of haute couture. Nature trumps us again.

  12. David Hollombe

    Named for Ulises Rojas Benfeldt (1881-1959)

  13. max

    Is it possible to get this one full res somewhere (eg. flickr)? It’s great desktop wallpaper material.

  14. Roberta

    It’s not often that you see the colour black in nature, at least in flora.

  15. Tajalli Spencer

    Max, if you click on the small picture that comes with the write up, it will resize to larger which convert to desktop pictures very well. Oftentimes, tiny hairs and even spider webs show clearly. This is the case for almost all the photos presented here. Enjoy.

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