Iris chrysophylla

It was an unexpected thrill to see hundreds of irises punctuating the landscape north of Crater Lake in early July. Reaching heights of only 20cm (8in.), these irises made up for their lack of stature with a showy floral display. As you can tell from the leaf litter evident in the second photograph, this is a species of coniferous forests (in this case, I vaguely recall, young Pinus ponderosa).

Yellow-leaf iris is mainly native to southern and mid-western Oregon, though it is also found in several counties of California.

Calphotos has additional photographs revealing the variation in flower colour of this species: Iris chrysophylla.

Iris chrysophylla
Iris chrysophylla

9 responses to “Iris chrysophylla”

  1. quin ellis

    thanks for your time Daniel – love seeing the variation of the typical, also beautiful, yellow…

  2. Meg Bernstein

    Very pretty, it must be amazing to see them spread out in the hundreds.

  3. Betty

    I love iris and this one is no exception. The first photo has a very nice watercolor feel to it… lovely!

  4. phillip

    fluer petite fantismico..!

  5. Dave Wolfe

    They also grow in oak savanna In Jackson Co Or. Beautiful,intricate flowers.

  6. Carol Fuegi

    I’d love to see a shot of the iris in the landscape – carpeting an area – if this is the case. I do admire your close-up shots very much.
    Thanks for all the wonderful entries.

  7. jan

    Do you have many short wild Irises that flower in the summer in the States? Most of the little ones in cultivation in the UK are spring flowering. I am wondering if there might be some summer flowering ones available commercially here.
    Very delicate this one

  8. Mandy Macdonald

    So sculptured, so silvery, so elegant … i second the query about summer-flowering irises in the UK, notably Scotland!

  9. elizabeth a airhart

    did the godess iris throw you a rainbow daniel
    most countries have wild flowers on line
    and groups that support all kinds of flowers
    i live in america i looked though the magazine
    the english garden found iris perhaps you
    are close by estate gardens
    over here the us forest service has a wild flower
    page other states have pages -and garden blogs
    i like to read -perhaps your newspapers garden writer could be helpful -thank you daniel

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