Asplenium nidus

Eric La Fountaine wrote and posted today’s photographs and entry.

The bird’s nest fern is a tropical species native to southeast Asia, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, eastern Africa, and Polynesia, including Hawaii, where this photo was taken. It can be found growing in soil or as an epiphyte on trees. The fronds can grow to 150 cm long and 20 wide. It is easily grown indoors and is a common house plant. Typically a very bright green, the colouration of the plant in these photos is that of winter, as the photo was taken in late December.

For further reading on ferns, take a look at A Brief Introduction to Ferns from the American Fern Society.

Asplenium nidus
Asplenium nidus

11 responses to “Asplenium nidus”

  1. Meg Bernstein


  2. annie Morgan

    Super photos!

  3. Kate

    How beautiful! I love the coloration. I would love to use these leaves in an ikebana arrangement!

  4. Tyler

    I love that it blushes in the winter in Hawaii – here where I live it would simply die!

  5. Connie

    So, are those striking red lines packets of spores?
    Beautiful photos, I love the way the light streams through the fronds.

  6. JoLee Schultz

    I’ve had them for house plants here in Oregon… They maintained a very nice large size without taking over the room!

  7. Dave Wolfe

    Thank you for this site. as a retired forest worker Specializing in native plants, you keep me thinking instead of vegetating.Really good site.

  8. phillip

    top photo…top side…looks like small script in a book or ledger…

  9. elizabeth a airhart

    our world is amazeing is it not

  10. Don Fenton

    I am familiar with this beast both in the wild and in cultivation; in both situations it is commonly associated with epiphitic orchids. I am a bit doubtful about it as a house-plant: not many domestic rooms could contain it, furniture, and people too, with leaves well over a metre [a yard] long!

  11. Nancy Fox

    These grow well in my Sydney garden and often appear on our rock walls naturally.

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