Tulipa ‘Monsella’

Thank you to another first-time BPotD contributor, Barna*@Flickr of Budapest, Hungary, for sharing a photograph with us (original image | Botany Photo of the Day Flickr Pool). Köszönöm!

Tulipa ‘Monsella’ is classified as a double early tulip or peony tulip, based on appearance and bloom time. Paghat has written a fairly extensive article about Tulipa ‘Monsella’.

Tulipa 'Monsella'

4 responses to “Tulipa ‘Monsella’”

  1. Hazel

    Wow. I love this tulip. I grew it for the first time this spring and the colors were just spectacular. Up close the red lines (not sure of correct botanical name) looked like they had been painted on with a fine paint brush, every stroke was different!

  2. dori

    Are there several blooms on one plant, or are they planted really close together?

  3. Eric La Fountaine

    Dori, this tulip can produce more than one stem and flower from each bulb (see the Paghat link). It appears that there are at least two bulbs at the front of the image, there are two unopened buds to the left of the flower in front that are coming from the same bulb and there is another flower almost open to the right that appears to be coming from another close bulb and may have other stems.

  4. elizabeth a airhart

    tulips are show offs of the flower world
    with books and paintings and my kingdom for
    a bulb for the gardens and poetry and plays
    peter arnold has fine photos of tulipa
    paghat link is just fine lots to read thank you

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