Trillium kurabayashii

A couple BPotD milestones have recently been reached: the 1500th entry occurred about two weeks ago, and today’s entry marks the 5 year anniversary.

Trillium kurabayashii is an uncommonly encountered trillium species of northern California and southwest Oregon. The species is named in honour of Masataka Kurabayashi, a Japanese botanist specializing in Trillium. Kurabayashi, a cytologist and population geneticist, first suggested the possibility that this taxon (previously thought to be a subspecies) was a distinct species. It was later recognized and published as separate species in 1975. Frank Lang, a botanist from Ashland, Oregon, recalls a trillium-exploration trip with Kurabayashi in a 2009 newspaper article asking for public reports of the species.

Giant purple wakerobin often grows in clumps (I have a photograph, but those plants were nearly finished blooming). The plants can reach up to 55cm in height (nearly 2 feet), and the species is available in commerce from specialty nurseries.

For additional photographs, see Trillium kurabayashii from the Oregon Flora Project or view the few images from CalPhotos. Also, you can read about the discovery (and subsequent identification) of some plants in the backyard of The New Dharma Bums, a naturalist weblog from northern California.

Trillium kurabayashii
Trillium kurabayashii

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  1. Viola

    Such a striking flower on its own and beautiful to see en masse.
    Congratulations on the milestones just set. I feel it such a privelege to receive BPotD each day. It brings much information which causes great joy and excitement. I hope you know, Daniel, how much your efforts mean to many. I’m always amazed to realize how widespread your readership is. Thank you many times over.

  2. Eric in SF

    Happy Birthday BPoTD! You’re almost ready for 1st grade! *grin*

  3. Claire B (Saskatoon)

    Congratulations and thank you, Daniel, and the occasional guest poster, for taking the time to research and write up these wonderful, educational and beautiful members of the plant kingdom.

  4. Sheila

    5 years and over 1500 entries. That is an amazing record that you can be proud of. Many congratulations. I hope you know how much pleasure and knowledge BPoD brings me and many others.Thank you Daniel for all your hard work!

  5. Beverley

    It is always a distinct pleasure when, upon viewing your photo[s] my breath is quickly drawn and a tug at the heart is experienced. Today is definitely one of those days!
    Congratulations on this amazing achievent, Happy Birthday Botany Photo of the Day!!

  6. Kate

    I have some of this in my back yard.

  7. Sandyinz4

    I second all of the previous accolades. I hope you can continue this for many more years. All the folks who help and contribute are wonderful also. This is one of those hidden treasures on the internet. We are fortunate to have it! Happy 5th. You have every right to be proud of all it has become.

  8. Kathleen Garness

    Michigan researcher Fred Case and his wife Roberta wrote ‘the book’ on Trilliums and have a very nice account of this species in it. : ) It’s simply titled Trilliums; I believe it’s published by Timber Press in Oregon.
    Congratulations and deep thanks on UBC’s BPOTD, which is always so enjoyable to view and read!
    Warm regards,

  9. Erin Clark

    Always great to see a Trillium. Thanks for your posts from DC!

  10. Irma Palm in Sweden

    Gongratulations to your anniverseries. You bring such joy and knowledge to all of us. Here the trilliums are just shyly pokin up through the soil. But they are still here even after this hard winter!

  11. Gabrielle

    Congratulations on your milestones and many thanks for the wonderful, amazing BPOTD.

  12. Liz T

    I want to add my voice to the congratulations that have been posted. Please pass them on to your colleagues who have contributed, funders and supporters as well. I have very much enjoyed the photos and learned much over the years. I thank you for your passion,time,aesthetics,and intellect; and your funders and the UBC Botanical Garden for appreciating and supporting your efforts.

  13. Liz T

    I want to add my voice to the congratulations that have been posted. Please pass them on to your colleagues who have contributed, funders and supporters as well. I have very much enjoyed the photos and learned much over the years. I thank you for your passion,time,aesthetics,and intellect; and your funders and the UBC Botanical Garden for appreciating and supporting your efforts.

  14. Miguel

    Congratulations and a Happy Birthday indeed!
    BPOTD is magnificent!
    Kudos from Portugal!

  15. Mary Ann, in Toronto

    Congratulations, Daniel, on these milestones! A very impressive achievement!
    I deeply enjoy the beautiful photos, the educational content, the glimpses into other places of the world and their flora… and also the links to other regions of the internet which I often find inspiring, illuminating, thought-provoking.
    And as time passes and the history of BPotD entries builds, your site offers all the pleasure of browsing through the entries of previous years.
    I love today’s trillium — so unusal and exotic, copared to the trilliums (trillia?) I’m familiar with. And the photos are gorgeous.
    Your efforts are very much appreciated. Thank you for all of this.

  16. Beri

    Congratulations on the milestones! I look forward to opening this site every day, and have passed along the url to several friends who are also interested in gardening and botany. I haven’t commented before, but want to add my voice to those expressing thanks for the wonderful work you are doing and sharing.

  17. Gary in Olympia

    In addition to the foregoing, I appreciate BPotD’s stable URLs! In 2005 group of us computer-oriented gardeners in Olympia started a shareable database of botanical plus individual plant information to support our horticultural habit. Even the links to BPotD pages we implanted in our database some time ago are still valid today. Thank you!

  18. phillip

    …YE-HA….!!…another year…!
    a day without BPOD is a day without sunshine..
    thank you all…!

  19. elizabeth a airhart

    bouquets robert francis american
    one flower at a time please
    how ever small the face.
    two flowers are one flower
    too many a distraction.
    like cocktail coversation
    everybody talking.
    a crowd of flowers is a crowd
    of flatterers(forgive me).
    one flower at a time. i want
    to hear what it is saying.
    happy times daniel
    if daniel does not show up for a day or two
    the little folk at the bottom of the garden
    are throwing him a party love to you all

  20. Eric Simpson

    I’ll add my congratulations to Daniel and the “staff” of BPotD!
    As to the Trillium, I can say with certainty that I never saw this plant in the six years I lived in NorCal, nor on any of my previous or subsequent visits there or to SW Oregon. I’d be curious to know the areas where they were found.

  21. Deborah Lievens

    Can’t possibly let this day go by without congratulations. You, Daniel, are the glue that holds this whole wonderful process together. Thanks to you and all your contributors. I haven’t been with you for the whole time, but almost. I love BPotD and am even keeping a log of my favorite days.

  22. mary in western mass

    Thank you BPotD! You frequently make my day, so congratulations on your fifth, & I hope many more to come. I love seeing and learning about the plants, & thoroughly enjoy the comments & occasional interchange. Thank you again.

  23. Eric in SF

    Eric – there are several trillium species found abundantly in NorCal. Mt. Tamalpais, Henry Coe State Park, there are many places where they grow.

  24. George L. in Vermont

    A treasure indeed…
    The New Dharma Bums link didn’t work for me. This did:

  25. Janet A.

    Adding my thanks also, Daniel. I found you at least four years ago (I think through Refdesk) and have so enjoyed the photos and the information all this time! I enjoy (when I have the time) looking back at previous years’ entries–thank you for making them available. Please keep up the great work!

  26. kcflowers

    I love this site and thank-you for hosting and presenting thought provoking plants. Congratulations on your anniversaries and I hope there will be many more.

  27. wendy

    Happy Birthday! A fine record. Looking above I grow curious… What has actually happened to the years 2008 and 2009?

  28. Laura

    Congratulations! For partly selfish reasons, I wish you many more.
    Here’s a very silly limerick for you:
    A learned plant lover named Daniel
    Had a very well-trained cocker spaniel:
    When they went for a stroll,
    The dog practiced control
    And would lift his leg just on an annual.

  29. Daniel Mosquin

    Thank you, all.
    Wendy — I believe April 5 in 2008 and 2009 were on a weekend. And after the first thousand entries (with no days missed), I decided to take weekends off!

  30. Martin

    Congratulations Daniel on the 5th Anniversary and over 1500 entries to BPotD .That’s a wonderful achievement.
    I enjoy it so much -the brilliant photos and so much interesting information about plants from around the world.
    Thank you

  31. Liz Gill

    Kudos to Daniel and his many participating friends.It has been a delight,particularly during these dreary,cold,winter days to be lightened in spirit by the daily,lovely and intreguing photos of beauty somewhere on earth. Thank you

  32. Candida

    Thanks, Daniel and friends, for so many “sunshine” days… Congratulations!

  33. Eric Simpson

    Eric (in S.f.), I was referring only to the trillium above. I’ve seen many trillium in NorCal, though, to the best of my knowledge (and questionable recollection), the only species I’ve seen is T. ovatum.

  34. Eric in SF

    Eric – ah, got it.
    I’ve seen T. chloropetalum much more than T. ovatum but I don’t know the full count of Trillium species in NorCal.

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