Rhodanthemum hosmariense

Eric La Fountaine wrote today’s entry, as well as contributing today’s photograph:

This Moroccan native is a vision of cheerfulness. The bright daisy flowers appear in great abundance from late winter to summer on mounded plants to 25 cm tall and 60 cm wide. The silver-grey foliage is finely lobed, giving a lacy effect. The species prefers well drained soil and dislikes winter wet. The fact that this plant is still alive in this wet Vancouver garden is a tribute to curator, Brent Hine.

I use the term daisy to describe the “flower”, a compound flower form commonly seen in the Asteraceae. What appears to be a single flower is actually made up of many small individual flowers sharing the same receptacle. As in many Astereaceae, yellow disc florets make up the centre of the Rhodanthemum flowers and these are surrounded by ray florets with white petals. The morphology of Asteraceae flowers is illustrated in photos by Brian Johnston on Microscopy UK, using a familiar member of the family, Gerbera jamesonii.

Rhodanthemum hosmariense

6 responses to “Rhodanthemum hosmariense”

  1. Quin

    thanks Eric – it IS a little cheerful beauty – wish we were all in Morocco, enjoying them, going on about them, seeing whatever else is blooming with them!

  2. Sue in Bremerton

    Isn’t that marvelous. The daisies I know are called Shast Dasies… i wonder how they compaer.
    I was amazed that the ‘flower’ is made up of so many smaller ones. I’ll have to take a closer look next time.
    Thanks for brightening a rather dull day.

  3. annie Morgan

    Ah daisies, my favourite flower. We have so many in so many wild places, but in the city they are scarce as hen’s teeth. Thank goodness I have only to go to the railway tracks to see them, not all the way to Morocco!

  4. sergioniebla

    Eric La Fountaine: Felicidades por esta hermosa foto y por el comentario …

  5. elizabeth a airhart

    the earth laughs in flowers emerson
    love me daisys i remember my uncles yard in
    indiana a farm yard with the hilly side
    full of daisys a treat for a little city girl
    thank you for the links brian johnston page
    is so good do spend time there folks
    microsopy.uk is wonderful and a newsletter
    one thing does lead to another eric thank you

  6. Laura Henderson

    Hi Uncle Eric, what a great, cheerful flower to see on my first day back to work after a rather depressing week. Thanks for putting some color in my day!

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