Erythronium montanum

Today is the final abbreviated entry before returning to the longer written format next week.

This photograph of avalanche lily or alpine fawn-lily was taken last July in the Olympic Mtns. A set of links about it:

Erythronium montanum

11 responses to “Erythronium montanum”

  1. Varina

    Wow, what a stellar photo!

  2. Elizabeth

    Oh WOW…!!!

  3. linda miller

    This one stopped me…it looks like a painting.

  4. Kate

    WOW! I’m speachless!

  5. elizabeth a airhart

    the alpine fawn lily makes a fine
    easter gift for sunday morning
    may i wish you all a lovely easter
    happy easter daniel and company bonjour

  6. Dottie

    Pure,sweet.healing,yet humble.
    Happy Easter!

  7. Mandy Macdonald

    Exquisite — the perfect Easter present — thank you, Daniel!

  8. Quin

    simple, stunning, perfect!
    happy celebrations of life and renewal folks

  9. Don Fenton

    Wonderful photy! Happy Birfdy, Daniel!

  10. alison marie

    Timeless With a gloriously beautiful sunrise on Easter

  11. Earl Blackstock

    I spent the Easter weekend observing a female bluebird building her nest in one of my bluebird boxes. And today I get to view this wonderful photo. I am so blessed. Thank you Daniel and all contributors.

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