Rhodiola rosea subsp. integrifolia

Continuing with the “Plants of the North” series, today’s photographs are again courtesy of Chris Czajkowski of Nuk Tessli. Much appreciated!

I’m away on vacation, so a series of links instead of a written entry today:

Like the previous entry in this series on Potentilla villosa, this seems to be another taxon with confusing nomenclature:

  • USDA’s GRIN database (what I typically use for names of taxa): Rhodiola rosea subsp. integrifolia
  • Flora of North America account for Rhodiola integrifolia (goes into extensive detail about names)
  • Rhodiola rosea via the Flora of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago includes distribution and some interesting economic uses, as well as additional photographs (see links in “illustrations” section)
  • the genus Rhodiola via Wikipedia

Rhodiola rosea subsp. integrifolia
Rhodiola rosea subsp. integrifolia

8 responses to “Rhodiola rosea subsp. integrifolia”

  1. Tim Walsh

    Beautiful shots. This plant, along with the Silene acaulis on the second picture, both grow in my provinvce of Newfoundland.

  2. Cheryl McCutchan

    And in the alpine of Colorado.

  3. Kate

    That is soooooo BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Cheryl Fromholzer

    Oh, one of my favorite herbal medicinal plants! Thank you for the great photos.

  5. sergioniebla

    Felicidades para quien tomó la foto … hermosas flores y hermosa también la planta

  6. Quin

    same subsp. also grows in the Sierras, right in the granite cracks. have successfully been able to bring it down to sea level in a container.
    Cheryl, do you use it/ know of it as a mood elevator?

  7. elizabeth a airhart

    kengsley amis writer from lord jim
    i really believe that there are things that
    nobody would see if i didn’t photograph them
    thank you to daniel and all the others who
    make up botony a day i could not if you did not
    lots of information on kings crown on the net

  8. Robert Frost

    Another great entry as usual….
    Thanks for all the good work.

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