Eritrichium nanum var. aretioides

…and another thank you to Alan Tracey for sharing an image with us for the “Plants of the North” series. Mahsi’ choo!

I’m away on vacation, so another series of links instead of a written entry, this time on arctic alpine forget-me-not:

One of the other taxa in this photograph will conclude the “Plants of the North” series in a few days…

Eritrichium nanum var. aretioides

16 responses to “Eritrichium nanum var. aretioides”

  1. terri

    perfectly delightful !

  2. Bonnie

    Wow, those flowers are BLUE! It looks like they were kind of hiding, too, among those rocks, so it must have been exciting to come upon them.

  3. Meg Bernstein

    What intense blue! Great colors all around. It must be a wonderful place to wander.

  4. Chris

    Love at first sight!

  5. jodi (bloomingwriter)

    Oh, these are exquisite. I never met a forget-me-not I didn’t love, but these are exceptionally lovely.

  6. Tyler

    Interesting, but I’m wondering what the other plant in the photo is…any ideas?

  7. HELEN Engle

    Is that the specific forget-me-not that is the state flower of Alaska?
    And is the other plant the little willow the Ptarmigan like?

  8. Greg

    That blue just jumps out of the picture and the composition a great photo.

  9. Margaret-Rae Davis

    I really enjoyed the small blue with the yellow center. The photo is very good in showinig the blue colour as blues are hard to come true to colours.
    Thank you,

  10. Carl

    Tyler -the other plant is the dwarf arctic willow – SALIX ARCTICA.

  11. sergioniebla

    Qué hermosura de planta con sus flores … Felicidades para quien tomó la foto …

  12. Earl Blackstock

    Another wonderful photo to add to my picture file.
    Thank you Daniel, Alan, and BPotD.

  13. Derek Woods

    I think the lichens are Vulpicidia tilesii and Thamnolia vermicularis.

  14. elizabeth a airhart

    when words escape flowers speak
    wonderful blue forget me nots painted on
    china by my aunts but not this blue blaze
    that i see here today -thank you
    so many loveing comments – tis spring again

  15. Sally

    Good job on the lichen ID, Derek. I agree (once I put my glasses on)… Looks like there’s also an ericaceous something lower left that could be a subject. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.
    Nice post! Thanks for the trip to the arctic…

  16. Carl

    Hi again – Sally, the rosette in lower left is SAXIFRAGA TRICUSPIDATA

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