Clarkia pulchella

My apologies for the brief entry today, but for an extended write-up about the species in today’s photograph (taken on July 2), please see the previous entry on Clarkia pulchella.

Clarkia pulchella

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  1. annie Morgan

    Such a delicate flower – much easier to appreciate this photo than the earlier one which was beautiful, but gave no idea of its size.
    Thank you for all your lovely photo choices, you provide a very delightful break in the day.
    May I wish you a very Merry Christmas, and a new year of good health, good photos, and a comfortable work load!

  2. Arthur

    What a relief it would be to see this among the increasingly invasive and seemingly un-defeatable cheatgrass and knapweeds of my area!
    Aside from its contribution to the understanding of molecular motion, does this species have any benefits from its propogation and are there any peculiararities to its collecting and planting?

  3. Mary Ann, in Toronto

    Lovely photos of a beautiful and unusual flower — both today’s photo and the July 2007 one. A google image search will yield quite a few photos showing different views of the plant.

  4. Meg Bernstein

    I loved Pursch’s painting and seeing the Nikon site. Thanks.

  5. S.A.Ecoline girl

    Awsome site, I check it every day, if I can keep em coming .Its snowy here right now so to see a bloom, it sure brightens my day. By the way we are a garden supply storein Salmon Arm B.C. Love you guys.

  6. lisa

    Does this Clarkia have any scent? What a gorgeous bloom – the close-up shot is fantastic. Thank you

  7. Abychan

    its cool and i love ur photographs always…

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