Calochortus macrocarpus

And another brief entry… sagebrush mariposa lily has been featured twice on BPotD so far: Calochortus macrocarpus in June 2005 and Calochortus macrocarpus in October 2006 (from a July photo).

Today’s photograph is also from July, but highlights the uncommon albino variant of this species — a real treasure to find. This was one of a few white or nearly-white individuals in a population with hundreds of plants with light pink to purple flowers.

Calochortus macrocarpus

10 responses to “Calochortus macrocarpus”

  1. Suzanne

    What a joyful little fellow and I like the curl down at the bottom.

  2. Kathleen Garness

    What is the purpose of those little yellow protuberances at the base of each sepal, I wonder?

  3. JoLee Schultz

    We were in Idaho a few years ago when these were all in bloom. They also smelled wonderful!

  4. annie Morgan

    What a charmer!

  5. Quin

    see this beauty (in pale lavender) in bloom as late as July in the great basin desert of nevada

  6. Mary Ann, in Toronto

    I love the mariposa lilies, in all their variety, and I learned of them on these pages.
    Also a lovely photo, the white flower against the fuzzy taupe background.

  7. AJ

    If you are referring to the yellow bits collected at the base of the sepals and petals, that’s pollen.

  8. elizabeth a airhart

    i too enjoy the mariposa family
    the wild flower pages from canada
    just fine very generous in images
    time for holly and ivy twined
    twined round our heads and wassil

  9. Tom Mirenda

    Wouldn’t the Pollen be on the stamens? those protuberances might be some kind of pollen deception…indeed it fooled a few of us!

  10. Cloudy

    Such a lovely flower! wonderful! thank you 🙂

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