Lupinus pilosus

Lindsay again wrote today’s entry:

Thank you to Claire Woods, aka buildingadesert@Flickr, for sharing today’s photo (original image | Botany Photo of the Day Flickr Pool)!

Lupinus pilosus, commonly known as the blue lupine, is an Old World lupine, occurring from southern Greece through western Turkey to Israel. Its distribution broadly overlaps a second Old World lupine species, Lupinus palaestinus, but the two are never found in the same plant communities (allopatric). Both are species of edaphic environments, but Lupinus palaestinus is generally confined to the light soils of coastal Israel.

The two species are of taxonomic interest. Despite being similar morphologically and having an equal number of chromosomes, they have not produced any viable intermediate hybrids in nature. Research has indicated that the two species differ in pollination apparatuses, genic imbalances and partial reproductive barriers.

Lupinus pilosus

20 responses to “Lupinus pilosus”

  1. Karisoo

    The color is magical!

  2. Meg Bernstein

    Yes, amazing color.

  3. phillip

    a blue king in winter clothes….wow…so beautiful…!

  4. Kate

    that is so cool! and that shade of blue is beautiful!

  5. Millet

    I see the flower is capable of developing some rhodamine pigmentation, which changes the blue pigment into a brillint blue. The rhodamine also migrates to the petals tips.

  6. Elizabeth Rall

    As Monty Python always said, “Give me all your Lupins!”

  7. Phyllis

    The colour takes my breath away.

  8. Keturah

    This photo is delicious!

  9. Jan

    I need this plant in my life. That blue!

  10. elizabeth a airhart

    this is very o’keefee is not
    the links are fine thank you

  11. Irma

    I had the fortune of finding some seed from an Alaskan lupine (nootkanensis?)and it germinated and grew here in Sweden. We called it the lupine with a fur as the flowering tips had this wonderful wolly cover. So it has the same caracteristics

  12. Susan Campbell

    A Palestinian lupine – beautiful.

  13. Linda T.

    Absolutely beautiful. Such fine detail! Now I want to visit that area just to see this plant! Does someone know what time of year it flowers?

  14. Tracey

    Now this is the kind of “Blue Monday” I like! Nice to luxuriate in the richness of the texture and color of this lupine.

  15. diana johnson

    What a beautiful royal blue, with swan like down feathers, I love it. Does anyone know if it would grow in the South West of Canada -too cold maybe.

  16. zyx

    Linda – here in Southern California it blooms in the spring, along side of the golden poppies. I get to see them next to the freeway onramps & on the local hillsides, I think at their peak in April.

  17. Claire

    Greatly informative as usual, thank you BPotD!
    zyx, The lupine you are seeing may be one of the many annual California native Lupines – succulentus is one of the more common ones. This one, however, keeps the same schedule. It germinated in the cooler part of the year, and grows and blooms from winter through spring, depending on when it is planted. Late sowings yield weaker, smaller plants. All produce fantastic fuzzy pods after flowering.
    Seeds are very hard to come by!

  18. Aida

    What a gorgeous photograph! Lovely!

  19. nina

    nice, this plant really made me happy !

  20. Kathy Lange

    Please reinstate me again. You have discontinued me again. I am forlorn.

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