Sempervivum funckii var. aqualiense

A very special entry today, from my perspective. It is rare that both the photographs / illustrations and text for Botany Photo of the Day are contributed by someone not from UBC, so I really appreciate the effort by both writer Joseph Beaujean of the Jardin botanique de Liège and translator Alain Vanderpoorten of the Université de Liège in Belgium for today’s entry. Joseph writes:

Wallonia, and especially the Liège province, includes among its botanical highlights a rare endemic plant, “Joubarbe d’Aywaille”. The taxon is known from a single locality, the Heid des Gattes in Aywaille, in the Amblève valley between Soa and Sougné-Remouchamps.

Dr A. L. S. Lejeune (1779-1858), from Verviers, was the first to mention the taxon in 1813 in the Supplément de la Flore de Spa (p. 310), where one can read: Sempervivum montanum minus Decand. “Se trouve sur les rochers près de Sougné”. Between 1825 and 1830, Lejeune and Courtois edited the Choix de plantes de la Belgique. In the 15th issue published in 1829; this endemic plant from Aywaille appears under the name Sempervivum montanum L.

The status of the taxon remained unchanged until 1873 when, following a meeting of the Botanical Society of France held in Belgium, Edouard Morren (1833-1886), a professor at University of Liège famous for his works on the Bromeliaceae, publishes a note about the botanical history in the Liège area and the Aywaille Sempervivum. In 1873, he also publishes (in the journal La Belgique Horticole), a second note including two colour figures (today’s illustrations), wherein he describes the taxon as new variety of Sempervivum funckii, that is, Sempervivium funckii var. aqualiense.


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Sempervivum funckii var. aqualiense
Sempervivum funckii var. aqualiense

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  1. Doug

    Looks funckii!

  2. Jane


  3. Jane

    Definitely Very Cool

  4. Nacy

    I mostly subscribe for the visuals—and this is VERY nice. I was wondering if it were possible for you to list the common name of plants on the top. This looks like hen and chicks. Is it?

  5. Katherine

    I love botanical drawings–capturing the essence of the plant and all the essential detail for posterity.
    It is fun to see one occasionally instead of a photo.

  6. andy gladish

    I’m with Nacy- this is a daily treat, the only thing that would make it better is to be sure to include the common names, even if they’re in French…no, ESPECIALLY if they’re in French. Thank you!

  7. Daniel Mosquin

    The French common name is there: Joubarbe d’Aywaille. It is a type of hens-and-chicks, yes.

  8. Karalyn

    I like this drawing and was quite pleased to know that I knew what it was before seeing it up close. Awesome rendering, and thanks for the scientific and common name.

  9. Mary Ann, in Toronto

    Very nice!

  10. elizabeth a airhart

    welcome from my state of florida usa
    the modern world of the internet is
    is still a wonderment to me
    1873 what a lovely sensitive drawing
    i have a love for the old botanicals
    have just been watching
    plantes a parfums on your
    web site just very very good
    thank you daniel where next

  11. Cyndy Henderson

    I have always admired botanical prints, so this entry was quite refreshing!! Perhaps we could have a short series of them, Daniel?

  12. Deborah Lievens

    I second Katherine and Cyndy’s comments.

  13. hong

    So graceful and beautiful! No more words!!!

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