6 responses to “Tropaeolum speciosum”

  1. Meg Bernstein

    Yikes! I must attract a pollinator who loves candy.

  2. Er.We

    how interesting to see the fruits of this one. Quite difference in appearance to those of T. majus. Remind me of Clerodendrum trichotonum.

  3. Rosemarie

    I would’ve sworn it was a Clerodendrum too! Had to take a closer look & check out more pix on the web to see how similar these are. Neat!

  4. Wendy Cutler

    I too thought of Clerodendrum trichotonum – you will have to do that one! I just discovered the Clerodendrum flowers this year and have only seen photos of the fruits, but I’m hoping to catch the Stanley Park ones when they’re ripe.

  5. elizabeth a airhart

    i live in zone9 almost 10 in florida
    the flame flower is a familer sight
    fences roofs and over walls
    stephen is a victorian writer who somehow
    landed in the year 2009
    your are fine daniel so is lindsay

  6. Elizabeth Revell

    Thank you for an excellent mystery! Well, to me anyway. When Stephen mentioned Nasturtium in the write-up I thought I was seeing things. We have Nasturtiums as garden plants here in the seriously deep south (New Zealand), and these fruits looked nothing like the berries I sometimes pick and pickle as “capers”. I was relieved to see the flowers in the link which do look like the Nasturtiums I know and eat.
    However, can you expand on the combination on each stem of the single large apparently ripe berry and the two associated smaller ones?

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