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  1. Earl Blackstock

    Just another wonderful example of the beauty that exists on this Earth. Thank you Ian and Daniel!!!!

  2. John Story

    For us in zone 6b, in the mid-Atlantic states, most plants in the genus Geranium can be considered winter hardy while plants in the genus Pelargonium can be considered non winter hardy. I hesitate to ever say always as there is always an exception, but when one is presented with a new plant whose culture and hardiness is unknown, this is a good generalization.
    Having said that, I do know of some “perennial” Geraniums that don’t make it through the winter but that may be a drainage problem.
    I’ve had this plant and it does make it thru our winter, but I subsequently lost it.
    The really cool Geraniums are the ones from the island of St. Helena…P. cotyledonis

  3. Sue in Bremerton

    I nearly gasped when the pink appeared as I scrolled down. My gosh, what a fascinating, beautiful flower. I saved it as my wallpaper for a while. It will brighten my day every time I see it. Thank you so much.

  4. Cambree

    I’m a fan of geraniums. This one does look like it belongs in the wild. Pretty.

  5. Millet

    Looking at the flower, the plant must be capable of producing a chemical call Rhodamine, which gives the flower the hot pink appearance.

  6. Ann Kent

    Thank you, Daniel, you have provided a succinct and helpful explanation of the difference between geraniums and pelargoniums that I would be delighted to cite for my students and which prompted me to take a break from work and head immediately to my front porch and pluck a pelargonium bloom to dissect and examine. Yes, seven stamens and a nectary. We use the citrus flavoured petals of our container grown cultivar to decorate salads. Regrets, it came from a corner store and I have no I.D. for it.

  7. elizabeth a airhart

    i am looking at a botanical print
    birch-leaved pelargonium 1805 by henry andrews
    vol 1 a monograph of the genus geranium
    a most favorite flower of mine,when i visted
    my grandmother in indiana she had the scented
    leaved kind thank you daniel lovely photo

  8. Millet

    When I was last in Ireland, I took a day and drove to see the National Pelargonium collection. To see the amazing quantity of different flower colors in the Nation Collection was a very rare sight indeed.

  9. LuLu

    THANKYOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! Goodness I’m doing a biology project and needed this information badly but every other site I went to was vague and unhelpful, this is great!

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