Delphinium glaucum

It seems that BPotD was ably looked-after during my absence, so thank-yous to Eric, Stephen, Douglas and everyone else who contributed efforts to continue the site.

In the third week of July, I had the pleasure of revisiting Olympic National Park for a couple days (I had visited it once previously, in 2006: see Pinguicula vulgaris subsp. macroceras, Rubus lasiococcus and Mimulus guttatus). Despite my 2009 visit taking place several days earlier than the one in 2006, I noted that the butterworts (Pinguicula) were past peak bloom and that the mountain larkspurs (today’s photograph) were nearing peak bloom. This suggested to me that this year’s flowering season at elevation was approximately one week ahead of 2006. Year-to-year variance in peak flowering times is typical in montane environments, due both to the preceding winter’s snowfall amount and spring-summer weather conditions.

Mountain larkspur is distributed throughout western North America, from Alaska south to California and east to Manitoba. Populations in Manitoba and Saskatchewan are naturalized, and not considered native (via Flora of North America). The FNA also notes that “Specimens named Delphinium splendens represent plants grown in high-moisture, low-light conditions and may occur as sporadic individuals anywhere from California to Alaska.” I had one other encounter with Delphinium glaucum this past summer, in northeast Oregon. This single plant, growing in high-moisture (streamside) and low-light (moderate tree canopy) towered over me at ~2.5m (8ft) in height — a “Delphinium splendens“, perhaps.

In addition to mountain larkspur, the Flora of North America lists several other common names, including tall larkspur, western larkspur, and, my favourite, duncecap larkspur.

Delphinium glaucum

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  1. bev

    Daniel! Welcome back!! Stephen et al did an excellent job, but I missed you. Hope all is well, and looking forward to many more posts.

  2. Wendy

    Hello hello and welcome back!
    One might be almost able to reconcile oneself to wearing such a duncecap!

  3. elizabeth a airhart

    bon jour daniel welcome back we have missed you

  4. Char M

    I was away from my computer for a few weeks, and when I attempted to use the “Previous Day” links to go back and catch up with previous entries, they did not work right. Hope someone can fix them! Thanks for making it worth the effort!

  5. Mary Ann, in Toronto

    Welcome back, Daniel. Although the site has been well looked-after, it’s been a long 3-1/2 months, and I’m glad to see your return.
    Today’s photo is beautiful. I love plants that produce tall, spiked flowers, especially in the blue-to-purple colour tones, and delphinium is among my favourites.

  6. Meg Bernstein

    When I was a kid we would pick larkspur flowers and insert them into one another to make bracelets.

  7. Earl Blackstock

    Welcome back Daniel. We were blessed to have excellent substitutes this summer,however, when I woke up this morning I thought I heard Carly Simon singing “Nobody Does It Better.”

  8. Mary Ann, in Toronto

    Agreed! :o)

  9. The Hollyberry Lady

    : O

  10. Lisa Blake

    Welcome back, Daniel. Your associates carried on well in your absence–many thanks to them. Of course we are thrilled to have you back!

  11. Quin

    all so well said, it’s true, many thanks to the summer crew and onward and upward this autumn…..

  12. Precious Council

    Welcome back Daniel, may God continue to bless you and your family.

  13. Renee in Central Texas

    Great return entry! Welcome back Daniel. Stephen and crew did a great job.

  14. He Who Lives With Yankees

    Me thinks this is one of the less attractive photos I’ve seen here.
    Things ran so smoothly during your absence that I didn’t even miss you. But still, it’s nice to have you back!

  15. Brandy

    Daniel–so glad you are back! This site has indeed been well looked after but it is lovely to see your name all the same! I hope your time away was what you needed.

  16. Beverley

    Your photography and accompanying notes are incomparable. Welcome back!

  17. Willy

    WOW! What a GREAT way to start the workweek: a superb entry from a superb guy! WELCOME BACK!!

  18. Beverley

    Delphinium, del-fin-e-um; from Gr. delphin, a dolphin, from the fancied resemblance of the flower-spur to a dolphin’s head. Plant Names Simplified, Johnson and Smith.

  19. van

    Welcome back Daniel!

  20. Ron Long

    Glad you’re back Daniel. You achieved a much better shot of Delphinium glaucum than I managed in Oregon.
    The dolphin reference is to the buds which shows very well in this photo.

  21. Daniel Mosquin

    Thanks all.
    Char, fixed.
    He Who Lives: Can’t say I missed comments like yours either. Still, it’s good to be back.

  22. elizabeth a airhart

    daniel is indeed back
    just look at the cluster map
    as i said we are a wordly and wordy group
    the picture is fine so is bev and etc etc ect

  23. Wendy

    Daniel that was my first belly laugh from this site. Lovely.

  24. Janet A.

    Welcome back, Daniel! Those who carried on during the summer did a great job, but you were missed.
    Today’s photo brings back memories of finding Parish Larkspur (delphinium Parishii) near my childhood home on the Mojave Desert. How I loved to find them in the spring!

  25. Joyce

    Welcome back, Daniel! Nice to hear from you again!

  26. Lanie

    I am happy to see you back. you were very much missed. everyone did a great job when you were gone. a big thanks to them.

  27. Theresa

    Welcome back, Daniel. I missed seeing your name, but the photographs were always spectacular, as they usually are. For anyone to suggest otherwise….

  28. Deborah Lievens

    Repetitive, but as a long-time fan of BPotD, I, too, have to add an enthusiastic welcome back. Thanks to your colleagues who kept me interested all summer.

  29. verity goodier

    Oh joy! You are back! What a wonderful start to the week.

  30. Sara

    Hello! Wellcome back Daniel, Good to hear from you again and many thanks for nice shot of Delphinium glaucum!

  31. Wendy Cutler

    So nice to have you back, Daniel. I hope this means all’s right with the world.
    But does this mean we’re losing Stephen (and should we have a whole day’s worth of good-byes to him)? I enjoyed getting to know him, so to speak, and I also enjoyed getting to hear from your cohorts there. I hope you’ll make Eric and Douglas continue to do some postings, and June West as well (and now I can’t remember how long it’s been since we heard from Ruth – did Stephen take over from her??).

  32. Wendy Cutler

    Oops, I see now that the day’s worth of good-byes to Stephen was yesterday.

  33. Sheila.

    Welcome back Daniel. A beautiful pic. What a dainty delphinium. So different from the huge flowered garden ones.

  34. ingrid

    Fabulous..Daniel’s back!!!!! Welcome home Daniel 🙂
    As per the other posters here – a great job has been done in your absence, but it’s such a joy to have you back. Hope you’re well.

  35. marjorie lacy

    I love this site, great photos, great write ups,and very friendly people. Guess what? I also learn something everyday too! Love and thanks to all.

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