14 responses to “Menyanthes trifoliata”

  1. Annie Morgan

    So dainty!

  2. jed

    So hairy!

  3. Karen

    Such a lovely plant! And very challenging to photograph – hard to get those cilia in focus.

  4. Er.We

    most interesting, esp. information about edibility and medicinal uses. thx a lot.
    I planted it this spring – in shade *eyesrollingupward*. Must move my little bog, it seems.

  5. jerryctateprometheus

    once again, a plant i never knew existed.

  6. elizabeth a airhart

    Buckee,Buckee biddy Bene
    Is the way fair and clean?
    Is the goose ygone to nest
    And the fox ygone to rest
    shall i come away
    arklive has a fine short live video
    of the above plant and a fine site
    thank you the photo and write up

  7. elizabeth a airhart

    correction to the above arkive is the web site

  8. Quin

    makes me dream of Cascade Mountain meadows that go on forever…..

  9. brian

    When I was younger,in Ireland, I used to make a tobacco for my friends with dried bogbean leaves often mixed with Myrica gale to give a stronger scent. I do not smoke myself, but my friends enjoyed it. Alternatively they would use the dried bogbean leaves together with normal tobacco to reduce the cost. No idea of the health risks/ benefits…but they are all still alive 40 years later and none of them have sued me yet!
    We also tried to make a beer with it but it turned out horrible -totally undrinkable – we stuck with Guinness.

  10. Mary Ann, in Toronto

    Thanks, Elizabeth — what a great website, and more wonderful photos: http://www.arkive.org/bogbean/menyanthes-trifoliata/

  11. Mary Ann, in Toronto

    Elizabeth… and the poem (or nursery rhyme?) — Buckee, Buckee biddy Bene — what/whose is that?

  12. elizabeth a airhart

    mary ann
    i found the peom here
    a modern herbal-by mrs m grieve
    wrtten early 1900
    this may be a childerns poem
    one finds it under the flowers name
    will explain bene prayful
    hope this helps i can not link

  13. Mary Ann, in Toronto

    Thanks, I found it — another delight!

  14. Jeanne

    Would it be possible to start routinely mentioning the common names in your (otherwise lovely) entries?

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