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  1. Claire B (Saskatoon)

    Those of us in zone 2b can only dream of things hardy to zone 7. I love magnolias and was so happy to see many in bloom at the Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia this past April.

  2. jerryctate

    ah, the magnolias!

  3. Eric in SF

    Soooo jealous! I really want to see more Magnolia species. The pink tepals are lovely. What’s the fragrance like?
    I also love how they are such beautiful plants yet they are also some of the oldest flowering plants.
    A fascinating thing for me about Magnolia is there are several disjoint species in the American Southeast and then another group in the mountains of tropical Mexico!
    I saw a new American species for the first time at the Birmingham, Alabama Botanical Garden, Magnolia macrophylla:
    The leaves were about 3 feet/1 meter long and the flower was about 12 inches / 30 cm across.

  4. Annie Morgan

    In Ontario we have what people call ‘magnolia’ trees, but I think they are ‘tulip’ trees. They have blooms for about a week if the weather doesn’t heat up or pound with rain.
    This is what I see around my neighbourhood. Is it a magnolia?

  5. Eric La Fountaine

    Yes Annie, that is a magnolia. Tulip tree usually refers to Liriodendron tulipifera.

  6. Dori

    When I was a kid in Pittsburgh in the 40’s there were two Brazillian magnolias in the garden of an estate. My father brought home a bloom which covered most of our dining room table. We ate nectar with a spoon. I walked to the place to see the tree many times until the mansion was demolished for an apartment building and the trees were destroyed.

  7. Sue Webster

    I can’t find anything about Brazilian magnolias, I presume they aren’t true magnolias. Can anybody shed any light on this species please?

  8. Barry

    Covered most of a diningroom table? Odd since the largest flower is only about 3 feet (Rafflesia). Must be a small table.

  9. elizabeth a airhart

    i just came back fron looking at
    the magnolia we have on the grounds where
    i live in florida
    its been struck by lighting brushed
    by hurricanes and frozen it was saved
    from being cut down- if only half its
    size its just beautiful
    the leaves are long and dark glossy
    green and starting to bloom
    as katherine hepburn would say
    the magnolias are in bloom again

  10. mario scala

    Hi I have a magnolia tree and a lot of bees laying there eggs on the tree any person no what to do to get rid of the bees get back to me thankyou

  11. bleitz

    Yes we have saucer magnolia here. Flowers in the years of no late snows, in the northern fringe of zone 5

  12. adrienne

    I have a mature magnolia tree which gave beautiful blooms in May, and is now, at the end of July, blooming again. We have had record heat, and plentiful rainfall all spring and summer. I live in Burlington Ontario, 1 hour north of Niagara Falls New York. I am just curious. Is this normal?

  13. C. Maitra

    what r the following magnolias called in Nepali? Magnolia insignis: garrettii: Manglietia grandis: Michelia doltsopa and michelia oblonga.

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