7 responses to “Gaultheria sinensis”

  1. Christian

    Thanks! Its great to see another member of this genus outside of North America. And look at those fruits!

  2. Annie Morgan

    I do enjoy the write-ups, and especially when the common name of the plant is included.

  3. Eric Simpson

    Are the fruits edible? And, if so, tasty?
    I’ve eaten salal (Gaultheria shallon), and would say it’s flavor was merely OK, with a less-than-ideal texture.

  4. elizabeth a airhart

    lovely picture

  5. Connie

    What an amazing color! Looks like the leaves are tastier than the fruit…

  6. Elizabeth Revell

    The fruits of the NZ Gaultheria depressa var novae zelandiae are certainly edible – quite sweet, but not very exciting. NZ has other species, but this is the most common. (aka Snowberry – being alpine, throughout both islands.)
    And thanks for the update about Pernyettya being included in the genus: I was in Tasmania a couple of years ago, and saw quite a bit of this as well.

  7. Cody

    Fruits of Gaultheria shallon have good flavor, but the texture is somewhat gritty and drier than those most Vaccinium fruits (blueberries and huckleberries), which they otherwise resemble. The northwestern coastal peoples, at the very least the Chinook tribe, used to mash the fruits and dry them into cakes, which were then eaten later in the year. The leaves were also used in medicinal teas and were chewed and used topically on sores and burns.

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