11 responses to “Styrax confusus”

  1. Mary

    S. confusus indeed. Wonderfully evocative description.
    Thank you for providing my daily fix!

  2. Annie Morgan

    Aren’t you fortunate to have such a view from your window!

  3. Hallie Anderson

    Once again a wonderful plant and delightful description! Thank you! I am wondering if it is heavily scented to be used in perfumes and incense and swarmed by bees?

  4. Deborah Gibson

    What a great write-up — botanically and historically informative and charmingly written.

  5. Eric La Fountaine

    Oh, yes the flowers are wonderfully scented. It was a pleasure to photograph. It is raining today, so most of the blossoms will probably be washed off by tomorrow.

  6. p. tosi

    Is this commonly called a “Snowbell” tree or something like that?

  7. Wendy Cutler

    I can understand that you’d have missed the racemose vs paniculate distinction. I looked up panicle and got: “A branched cluster of flowers in which the branches are racemes”. But then I somehow got to Inflorescence on Wikipedia, which has a lot more than I imagined. The drawings of racemes and panicles are not next to each other, but they’re both there, including a distinction between compound raceme and panicle.

  8. Alexander Jablanczy

    Even more joyous to note that there are still bees in BC. I havent heard frogs nor bees this year nor songbirds except robins.
    Shores of Lake Superior.

  9. Tanis Teichrib

    I love it almost as much as the deer.

  10. lori fram

    –you didn’t mention the fragrance, which, today, between rain ” showers” was absolutly intoxicating.

  11. elizabeth a airhart

    how very lovely if only fleeting
    i do belive our author is a victorian
    can you not see him at the table
    in the libarary with plumed pen in hand
    writeing after his walk in the gardens
    thank you mr eric lovely week

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