11 responses to “Rehderodendron macrocarpum”

  1. Meg Bernstein

    Hope we get a picture after the bloom. i would like to see how the whole tree looks.

  2. Connie

    What a lovely photograph! The light and iridescence is just lovely. Is that a seed pod in the center of the lower third?

  3. Eric La Fountaine

    Meg, if you click the more photos link there are photos of the flowers and a young tree.

    Yes, there is a fruit from last year in background.

  4. Marilyn Brown

    Perfectly beautiful. Thank you for all the wonderful scenes you bring us.

  5. Don Fenton

    Connie spotted it! If any progeny can be raised from such an isolate, they may be raised for use as a pollinator: not ideal from a genetic-range point of view, but better than no pollinators at all!

  6. Sheila

    Sigh…. another gorgeous plant to add to an ever growing “wish list”.Thank you Eric and Douglas, not forgetting Daniel for the previous pics.

  7. Adriana

    Once again -a plant that won’t grow in my zone. How sad-I love my styrax. Maybe I could grow this in a pot. Has that ever been done and overwintered successfully?

  8. Christian from Portland, OR

    I wonder if this plant can be hybridized with Styrax japonica to produce an infertile cultivar. My front garden bed gets covered in tiny Styrax seedlings every spring.

  9. Douglas Justice

    To answer Adriana’s question about containers, it is our experience that Styrax relatives plants are poor performer in pots. There are probably numerous reasons for this, but here are a few obvious ones: In containers soils are poorly buffered with respect to temperature (hotter in summer and colder in winter) and fertility (too much or too little nutriment available), roots are artificially constrained and moisture availability is frequently variable. Styracaceous plants are notoriously intolerant of all of those conditions.

  10. elizabeth a airhart

    lovely picture thank you
    i live in florida zone nine
    guess i will see if it would grow here

  11. Patricia Bell

    I have a beautiful Rehderodendron SP China SEH098.
    It is about 15 feet tall and it produced many seed pods this last year. Beautiful and fragrant in bloom. Steve Hooten brought the seed back from China. It will be in full bloom in April.
    West Seattle, Washington

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