8 responses to “Petunia patagonica”

  1. Deo

    My husband and I just visited your alpine garden last Friday and the sweet petunia wasn’t blooming. However, we loved the alpine garden with all its wonderful and varied plant life.

  2. Sue in Bremerton

    What an interesting petunia. It reminded me of an old glaze-cracked tea pot I have. I don’t use it, because the thing might break, but it is pretty with the cracks in the pottery work.
    How wonderful for nature to follow art, for a change. Just kidding.

  3. Annie Morgan

    More great photos, and interesting text.

  4. elizabeth a airhart

    thank you
    delightful write up tis winter
    down south how does it winter over

  5. Jackie

    Thanks for carrying on for us, Eric. It’s a lovely thing to find in my mailbox.

  6. Shelley

    I never thought I’d meet a petunia I like, but that plant is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Eric in SF

    I’m speechless and enchanted.

  8. Brent

    Elizabeth, I’m quite sure it would have problems overwintering down south (eg. Florida). Hot days might not be too taxing (though humidity probably would) but warm winters almost certainly. Strong seasonal temperature variation in its natural habitat probably contribute to flowering.

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