Helleborus Diversity

Thanks to first-time BPotD contributor Er.We@Flickr for sharing today’s photograph with us (Flickr Botany Photo of the Day Pool | original image).

Er.We@Flickr notes that the species / hybrids in the photograph are: Helleborus orientalis, Helleborus foetidus, Helleborus argutifolius, and Helleborus ×ericsmithii. The top row, displaying the back of the flowers, is paired with the bottom row showing the face (with the exception of the last two pairs on the right).

The common names for a few of these species / hybrids are related to the time of year these bloom (in the northern hemisphere): Lenten roses or Lenten hellebores. Helleborus foetidus is more commonly known as stinking hellebore while Helleborus argutifolius is referred to as Corsican hellebore. Wikipedia has an extensive article on hellebores, including sections on uses in horticulture and history. Hellebores.org has detailed descriptions of the species as well as a strong selection of photographs.

I should note that many of the hellebores in UBC Botanical Garden are in a similar state of flowering at the moment.

Helleborus Diversity

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  1. Lynne

    Beautiful arrangement! I’ve seen commercial posters for sale that aren’t as nice as this. Ever thought of making prints of some of these photos and selling them as a fundraiser?

  2. Quin

    this is gorgeous! these and the collage of Raphanus bloom colors are my recent ‘poster faves’ – one so edible, one so poisonous

  3. Christine

    This is just lovely and very clever! I’ve got at least three of these in my garden.

  4. Mark

    Great pic! The “diversity” however is somewhat dated. Doubles, picotees and near-black are the latest.

  5. D'Gaia

    This beautiful photo is my new desktop, thanks!

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