12 responses to “Camassia quamash”

  1. Connie

    Thank you for yet another beautiful and interesting morning.
    I am amazes at the picture of the cammas lilies blooming on the rocks- I thought they favored moist meadows! Could I plant them in a rock garden?

  2. jessica

    Beautiful pictures! Your research of butterflies brings to mind a group raising awaresness for pollinator species here in Ontario.
    Here’s the website :

  3. SoapySophia

    That is one of the prettiest colors I have ever seen in flowers. These pictures just keep getting prettier and prettier!

  4. Annie Morgan

    I’m adding my appreciation of site, photos, and articles! I love today’s tree standing so bravely.

  5. Quin

    this species has been a staple crop for many indigenous people in North America – how long would such a beauty last if it was wildcrafted in our own over-populated society?
    incredible color, dependable perennial

  6. Adri

    Such a beautiful site and a great way to start the day. I love these in the garden but now I love them more seeing them in their natural site!

  7. van

    Now that’s just plain stunning. Thanks for this!

  8. Julie

    Beautiful photo. This species was important to the native population here on Gabriola Island (Southern Gulf Islands) – wars were fought over ownership of fields of these plants. Sadly, they appear to be in decline due to habitat loss, as are many other native plants and fungi.

  9. Karen Vaughan

    Too pretty to eat!

  10. elizabeth a airhart

    this lovely flower does not
    grow in florida it would seem
    population and growth affects
    humans and butterflies-it has here
    thank you i have been reading your
    pages hope to read further

  11. Bill Smith

    I love camas, and the Oregon White Oak both. I’ve planted quite a few camas in a field near my home – only very few have took.

  12. Rose

    Thanks for the Camas picture and write up–I’m from Idaho so it is nice to see a familiar and important plant! I appreciated the article on the butterflies. The word needs to get out!

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