Jasper National Park

After taking photographs of these mountaintops in Jasper National Park, I decided to swivel the camera around and attempt a few panning abstracts of the mixed spruce and pine forest along the Columbia Icefields Parkway. This is one of the results.

Jasper National Park

17 responses to “Jasper National Park”

  1. linda

    awesome !

  2. Annie G.

    Very beautiful; reminds me of Rick Gustafson’s series “A walk in the forest”.

  3. Eric in SF

    Darnit, where’s my “Fave” button!?

  4. Cyndy Henderson

    This brought to mind your “abstract” series. Will there be more? Fabulous!!

  5. Bonnie

    Wow! I thought there’d been a slip-up and somebody sent me yarn! This is very cool!

  6. Lorax

    Awesome! Daniel, are you running a theme this month? Fridays are for beautiful abstracts of nature?

  7. Linda C. Miller

    Daniel…..what an fantastic photo. This would make for a fabulous oil painting – large – like 4′ by 5′ for a contemporary setting. Thank you for sharing HOW you make this remarkable photo from nature!

  8. Eric Simpson

    Awesome pic, Daniel! Look like a pastel drawing. It’s going up as my wallpaper right now.

  9. A

    That is wonderful! It’s great to see what abstraction does to things! I never would have guessed what it was!

  10. elizabeth a airhart

    very very nice
    went over to flicker to see the rest
    grand country
    thank you daniel

  11. Ella Lévano Anampa


  12. Alex Jablanczy

    In my prurient salad days I bought a tome called anatomy of the female genital tract. In it were ten thousand electron micrographs of any cell you pleased. Which of course had as much to do with the topic of the title as these efforts have to do with botany. I agree that the texture colour design is pleasing but its informational content is precisely zero.
    As Oscar Wilde said on his deathbed either this wallpaper goes or I. He did.

  13. Daniel Mosquin

    If it inspires some appreciation for the natural world, and some lines of questioning (e.g., “What would it be like if we saw the world in such a way?”), then it’s served my purpose.

  14. creature

    Is this a raw photo direct from the camera or was there any post-production (Photoshop) done? Cool either way, thanks.

  15. Daniel Mosquin

    This was done in-camera. The post-production work was limited to levels, local contrast and a hint of saturation.

  16. northwest gal

    What an unexpected treat!
    Love it!

  17. Rick Gustafson

    Very nice to see someone having the same experiences as myself working with their camera.
    Thanks Annie for the reference “A walk in the forest”

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