13 responses to “Dioscorea mexicana”

  1. Alphonso Backter

    Dioecious, not monoecious

  2. deodasher

    Here’s what I believe is incorrect:
    “The plants are monoecious, that means the flowering sexes are found on separate plants.”
    Instead, monoecious means that the reproductive organs are on the same plant. The incorrect definition refers to dioecious.

  3. Elizabeth

    Really wild!!

  4. CherriesWalks

    Cool, can it walk?

  5. Bob Wilson

    Another WOW plant from BPotD!. How big is this specimen? Any idea how old it might be??

  6. Carolyn Liesy

    I absolutely love this site. While I got an A in Plant Taxonomy (Munz, California Flowering Plants) 40+ years ago, I am now an artist, and just love the pictures as well as the language of the scientific commentary on the plants. What wild descriptive language. What beauty. What insight in to nature. And daily. You are great.

  7. Dennis Abdalla

    Hard to believe this is in the yam group! Another Genus (Testudinaria) was or is used for it. The U. of Maryland mascot is ‘Testudo’ the terripin.

  8. Amir Yarow

    Not Dioecious,
    Dioscera after the ancient greek Dioscorius I think there are also new world representative/relatives

  9. elizabeth a airhart

    plant the above and it will
    walk right of the pot at night

  10. Mary Ann, in Toronto

    Wow! What a wonderful exotic plant. A google image search will yield lots more photos showing the whole plant with foliage.

  11. Equisetum

    Wow. What a plant, and what a picture. Such great depth of field and color balance in what looks to be a rather difficult overexposure-inviting terrain. I take it that the male and female flowers really are on different plants… Is this one in the “deciduous” stage with only the stipule-like gadgets on the stems where the leaves have been?

  12. Sheila

    Thank you Ruth, really interesting.

  13. Vikram

    It is really delicious too.

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