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  1. ruth's fan club

    woah first comment!!
    i must say, this plant has inspired me to go finish my genetics homework!!! not. but interesting write up! that’s awesome it means dice box, wouldn’t have guessed that one ahahahha

  2. Beverley

    Fritillaria fri-ti-lah-ree-a bithynica bi-thin-i-ka Dictionary of Plant Names, Coombes

  3. cody h

    Just a small note… Fritillaria and other genera still in the Liliaceae escaped classification because they are the closest living relatives of the type genus for that family: Lilium. It is interesting to realize that until the advent of molecular genetic research techniques, it was quite literally impossible to provide a so-called “natural” classification (i.e. a classification that creates evolutionary groups) for the majority of the major monocot lineages since a vast number of them have so many characteristics in common!!

  4. Margaret-Rae Davis

    What a lovely photo. I like the simplicity of this Fritillaria. How nice to see on the first day of snow in my town. Spring is coming.
    Thank you,

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