Agave ‘Shark Skin’

I think it’s fairly obvious to any long-time observer of my photographs shared via BPotD that I enjoy photographs of natural patterns. I couldn’t resist a close-up of this Agave at the Los Angeles County Arboretum. This photograph was taken when I visited there in late June of this year while attending the American Public Gardens Association annual conference. I’ve turned my attention that way while I prep some of my photographs for my upcoming presentation to the Dunbar Garden Club next Tuesday on “Public Gardens of California”.

There isn’t too much information about Agave ‘Shark Skin’ floating around, as it is a relatively new introduction. The New Ornamentals Society lists it as a hybrid between Agave victoria-reginae and Agave scabra. According to the marketing literature I could find, e.g., the 2008 New Varieties Showcase (PDF), I should have been brushing my fingertips against the plant to feel the skin of a shark. I’ll pre-empt a contribution by Beverley today, and note the zonal information: recommended from zones 8-11 by at least one nursery, zones 9-11 by the marketing information in the link above.

Reviewing my photographs from the LA County Arboretum, I see I took quite a few photographs of agaves. I suspect I could quite happily spend many hours taking pattern photos of members of this genus.

Agave 'Shark Skin'

9 responses to “Agave ‘Shark Skin’”

  1. Sara

    I too love natural patterns. If this were a framed print, I would buy it to display at home. Great job!

  2. A

    Beautiful! I agree with Sara I would completely buy this and frame it in my room.

  3. Meg Bernstein

    These patterns are so fascinating. At the college where I teach we are trying to marry art and science by investigating these types of organization and using them expressively.

  4. Behty

    This is beautiful. Thank you Daniel for the gift of these photo’s every day!

  5. van

    Anything related to A. victoria-reginae is on my faves list. The pattern is gorgeous.

  6. John Murtaugh

    The light, colour and pattern is indeed beautiful.
    The agaves are also one of my favourates, especially agave tequilano which also show beatiful patterns whether viewing individual plants or, especially, whole planted fields of the blue agave used to make that great Mexican spirit.

  7. Cyndy Henderson

    Stunning photograph, beautiful colors and texture!

  8. elizabeth a airhart

    ti’s a fine picture daniel

  9. randy

    Not ‘Shark Skin’….Agave ‘Blue Glow’

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