Xanthosoma mexicanum

Thank you again to Mary F., aka miconia @ Flickr, for sharing today’s photograph (original via the Flickr BPotD Group Pool). Much appreciated! Mary’s weblog, A Neotropical Savanna is a must-read.

Mary’s comments with the photograph include details on where this plant was found: “Growing spontaneously in an orchard in western Panama, 800 m elevation.” This plant was the second one she has discovered so far this year. She wrote an extensive weblog post about the first Xanthosoma mexicanum she encountered. In fact, I don’t think I have much to add to what she’s written, so I do suggest following the link for more information. I’ll only pipe in that the distribution of the species is from Mexico to Colombia and Brazil.

For more photographs of the genus, commonly known as elephant’s ears by some, see Xanthosoma on AroidPictures.fr.

Xanthosoma mexicanum

8 responses to “Xanthosoma mexicanum”

  1. Annie G.

    All those interested in the pollinator thread, definitely follow the link (and scroll down a bit) to learn about yet another pollinator.

  2. Carole Miller

    Always learning something on this site. Thank you Mary for sharing your knowledge.

  3. CWick

    Excellent! I commend all the information and details she provided on her blog also!

  4. elizabeth a airhart

    elephants ears are known as as invasive
    plant in parts of florida
    fine picture have been to marys site
    will go back thank you

  5. Ewa

    Unusual plant growing in the wild. thank you for that great link.

  6. Aida Jofre

    What happened to this site??? I look forward to the daily posts, but since spring your postings have been spotty sometimes going for days without any postings.

  7. Scott McGillivray

    if thats invasive…sign me up

  8. pika7

    when i first saw one(it was in a vase) i thought it looked like a small siece of corn inside of iceberg lettuce

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