5 responses to “Anemone occidentalis”

  1. elizabeth a airhart

    good late aftenoon
    this is a lovely little flower
    blooming in the mountains and valleys
    of the west -the links are helpful
    the photos are so good
    you all live in a beautiful part
    of the world — thank you

  2. onlyheaven

    Hi Dan,
    Just wanted to share with you that your BPotD pictures are not only beautiful & informative, but they also make me laught sometimes — like this one! The first image that popped into my mind is that of a big ole sheep dog shaking its head wildly. Thank you for doing what you do and in today’s case, for bringing a smile to my face!

  3. Behty H

    This one made me laugh too – only it reminded me of one of the Beatles (hard to say which one LOL) in mid-groove…. thanks for the ongoing joy your pictures daily bring, Dan

  4. Margaret-Rae Davis

    This is a very interesting photograph. I so enjoy seeing plants there are not in my area. All the information is so good. I never will stop learning with all you interesting information and photos.
    Thank you,

  5. Mary Ann, in Toronto

    Lovely, wind-swept hair style 🙂

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