Fremontodendron californicum

Many thanks to mskaer from the San Francisco Bay area of California for sharing today’s photographs with us. These were posted via the Botany Photo of the Day Submissions Forum in this thread.

California flannelbush was previously featured on BPotD (see: Fremontodendron californicum), but today’s photographs add a couple different perspectives on the species. provides an excellent summary of the tribe Fremontodendreae (a subgroup of the family consisting of two genera, Fremontodendron and Chiranthodendron), including details about species and cultivars.

Fremontodendron californicum
Fremontodendron californicum

2 responses to “Fremontodendron californicum”

  1. elizabeth a airhart

    lovely pathway
    the first picture is so close to being a fine
    painting and could not be a better one- turner
    comes to mind and the foggy foggy dew
    slippery elm is the name i know best and
    freemont i do admire the early men who left
    us with so much to read and drawings to enjoy
    now this generation carries on the quest
    thank you

  2. Equisetum

    Oh, my, what a wonderful picture — Fremontodendron in the mist. Yet it seems to thrive here in the hot hot dry dry Central Valley where it’s planted along the freeways here and there. (Drops dead instantly for me, a few miles from the heres and theres — maybe there’s something I need to know about transplanting it.)

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