4 responses to “Shell Creek Road”

  1. elizabeth a airhart

    bravo on the new web site
    really handsome home page
    be proud of your self
    now what pray tell are tidy tips
    looking forward to your trips
    and reports and pictures
    now back to the new page
    i need to learn how to hand
    tint a picture

  2. Peggy

    Here in Sonoma County, some 300 miles NNW of Atascadero, instead of baby blue-eyes, goldfields, California poppies, tidy-tips and fiddlenecks, it’s lupines, Scotch broom, California poppies and red clover. So beautiful, and the air is delicately scented. Ah . . . spring!

  3. Margaret-Rae Davis

    The photograph is great. The one time I have been in California for my son’s collge graduation 1987 I got to see the California Poppy’s and just loved the intense yellow colour.
    Thank you,

  4. pc crozat

    when I think that we spend millions of hours and millions of litres of fuel mowing hundred of thousands hectares of lawns everywhere!
    we could just observe and try to reproduce the kind of landscape shown in the pic!

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