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  1. Barbara Lamb

    Lovely. Are they flowerting now? Here in Toronto we are having wet snow…sigh…

  2. George L. in Vermont

    Wet snow here in Vermont as well!
    Gorgeous photo of a gorgeous being. What eloquently embracing light from above against the shadowed background. Yummy! My eyes are feasting on it. (my appreciation has nothing to do with the snow still falling and the 2 feet of it still on the ground of course!)

  3. Beverley

    Rhododendron lutescens – Z7 – RHS Index of Garden Plants, Griffiths
    Rhododendron lutescens – Z7-9 – A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants, Brickell, Cole, Zuk
    Rhododendron, ro-do-den-dron; from Gr. rodon, a rose, and dendron, a tree – Plant Names Simplified, Johnson and Smith
    lutescens loo-tes-enz. Yellowish [the flowers] Dictionary of Plant Names, Coombes

  4. Douglas Justice

    There are more than 40 species of Rhododendron (as well as numerous other plants) in flower in the Botanical Garden today. Of the approximately 400 rhododendron taxa (hybrids, species, subspecies, varieties, etc.) and thousands of individual specimens here, the majority are in bloom around the middle of April, but our first rhododendron to flower, R. rirei, is usually out in early January. Our latest is the tree-like R. auriculatum, which generally produces its large, fragrant white flowers in mid to late July. Arguably, the latest rhododendrons are some of the eastern North American azaleas. We are keenly anticipating their flowering in the developing Carolinian Forest garden

  5. elizabeth a airhart

    tis warm here in florida
    not the april snow of my
    i was born north memories
    come spring time rides out to
    country sides to see rhododendrons
    in bloom was a yearly event
    one of the homes i lived in ma
    had rhodies above the roof line
    my home state of new jersey
    had grand displays in the mountains
    spring time could be so grand

  6. Ron B

    One Phytophthora expert has said (private discussion) that it is too late to curb SOD with quarantines etc. Awhile back a retail nursery down here was made to rent a back hoe, dig a 7′ deep trench and bury infested stock in plastic bags at the bottom of it. If such efforts are actually futile authorities should stop directing that they be undertaken.
    Since this water mold is actually thought to blow around on the wind it seems pretty unlikely that it will be possible to contain it.

  7. bev

    I am jealous of the many different rhodies which enjoy your NW climate; here in the southern Mid-Atlantic they sometimes just croak – slowly. I treasure the ones I have that are doing well.
    Connor, you are doing a great job; thanks!

  8. Loey

    Yep, my lutescens is in full flower right now even though it is housed in a pot and has been there since spring of 2007 when we had to renovate our garden bed. It will be planted (finally) in a new bed next week!! But what amazes me is the sheer stamina of plants, despite the abuses we sometimes inflict upon them. It gives me hope. LOOVVVE IT!!

  9. Eric in SF

    I am eagerly anticipating a visit to the Rhododendron Species Foundation Botanical garden and the Washington Arboretum at the start of May. Both gardens have extensive Rhody collections.
    This is a great teaser in advance of that visit!

  10. Alexander Jablanczy

    This fabulous flower from Sechuan ah so? Then that province is not only famous for the Good Woman of Sechuan by Brecht and the recent Tibetan signs of life of which I hadnt been aware of until just now but a beautiful Rhododendron as well!

  11. Ron B

    Szechuan has many other rhododendrons and other plants useful in gardens.

  12. Megan

    This picture has me regretting not driving up to the plant sale at the Rhododendron Species Foundation Botanical Garden this weekend. Beautiful.

  13. Laurent

    Hum, the stigma is also quite inward! An impressive configuration… Crossing fingers, err, stamens.

  14. Margaret-Rae Davis

    How interesting to see such a different Rhododendron flower. It will be the end of May and the first of June when the Rhododendrons around here will be in bloom. I like all the information.
    Thank you,

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