3 responses to “Hemiphragma heterophyllum”

  1. Sue in Bremerton WA

    That is so neat! Don’t see much like that around. I think the picture is absoluelty cheerufl. And I like it that it is so ueful, too. Seems to thrive and do well where it is.
    Again, something I would have never seen had I not joined this site. So much information and many truly interesting things here.

  2. Barbara Lamb

    What would be the advatage of heterophyllism (if that is the the word)? It seems the second leaf type is succulent, would this be an adaptation to the dryness of mountain terrain?

  3. John Andre

    Technically “Tibet” though controlled by China! This is what’s behind all the hullabaloo surrounding this year’s Olympic Torch run. The flora of Tibet is very distictive; much has been said about the blue species of Meconopsis (the “blue poppies”) native to that area.
    My recommendation re Tibet for Olympic participants: Adopt the Gandhian strategy of nonviolent protest, but participate in the Olympics. Perhaps American and other medalists on the award stand should raise their clenched fists and shout “Free Tibet”!!!, much as the black power activists did in 1968 in Mexico City. It would make a very effective statement to the Chinese without disrupting the athletic competition itself. Of course, the Chinese regard the Dalai Lama as a “terrorist”. Quite an interesting characterization of a Buddhist leader who has followed the way of Mohandas Gandhi all his life!

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