9 responses to “Castilleja exserta”

  1. Debby

    The “one year prior” and “two years prior” selections/links are going to March instead of April…

  2. Daniel Mosquin

    Yes, that’s on my list of things to fix. I’ve a day scheduled next week for this (and other BPotD related) tasks.

  3. Barbara Lamb

    It must be spectacular en masse. Thrilling developments in Toronto- the snow is gone and I have one crocus blooming!

  4. elizabeth a airhart

    purple owls clover
    i really do enjoy the links
    i have never seen a purple owl
    or a purple cow right out of
    child hood limmercks-thank you daniel

  5. van

    So that’s what that is named. Very nice.

  6. Equisetum

    One of my favorites, and supposedly not too hard to grow even though it’s a hemiparasite on grasses. It makes the loveliest effects in meadows! (JH Hudson has seeds, and Annie’s Annuals — Plants of the Southwest used to, haven’t checked recently.)

  7. Equisetum

    What a wonderful picture. The rule that the wind starts to blow the moment you find the perfect specimen must have been suspended.

  8. Meghan

    I’ve only ever seen this singularly or in very small clumps — it must be really amazing covering a hillside! So very appropriate for me today because I leave for my first veg survey in Carmel, CA Thursday of this week!

  9. Margaret-Rae Davis

    The photograph is just great. The colours so nice to see. Also the link to the Master Gardeners is most helpful. I have been a Master Gardener in Massachusette for almost 20yrs. I would really like to be in contact with Master Gardener in other States. Especially outside of New England. You have made that possiable.
    Thank you,

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