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  1. Krystyna Szulecka

    here are some images from UK

  2. Sandyinz4

    I can’t imagine how they harvest these berries easily amidst the thorns! Interesting series and looks like a very valuable plant.

  3. elizabeth a airhart

    the article is most interesting
    and timely- florida for many reasons
    has lost land that once grew crops and
    cattle-we are in the midst of change
    thank you conner for the information

  4. Cathy Tocher

    I have been using Sea Buckthorn berries to make a wonderful skin cream for sensitive skin. I use British Columbia grown Sea Buckthorn. I have also made a jelly and my friend made some delicious wine. It has been planted extensively in the Cariboo and Okanagan regions of our province. It does well in our harsh climate as long as the moose don’t eat the tender new shoots. It is relatively difficult to harvest as it has very long and sharp thorns.
    May I add a link to this page onto my site? http://www.modestmoose.ca

  5. Antoine Stépan TERJANIAN

    Seabuckthorn grows wild on the shores of Lake Sevan (a lrge – 10,000 sqkm clear-water lake at 1900 m altitude). The Armenians make excellent juice and jam from it. The orangy/apricoty colour is on the flag of the Republic of Armenia. Thanks for posting this photo. It helped me recognize it.
    Antoine Terjanian

  6. Shiva Devkota

    As per my experience, seabuckthorn juice is most excellent. Apart from their economic values; during our research on wild mushrooms in highland of Nepal (especially Mustang, Manang and Dolpa)we have collected numbers of interesting wild mushrooms in Seabuckthron patches.
    The article is very clear. Thank you for sharing information.

  7. Magdalena

    I am a biiiiiiiiiiig fan of almost any product of Sea Buckthorn!!
    Does anybody know if I can purchase the Sea Buckthorn (as a plant/bush) in the USA??? I really apprechiate any help! Or any ideas where I can by the jam in the States? I still have to get my lovely Sea Buckthorn Jam from Germany!
    By the way..I got introduced to the Sea Buckthorn Berries in Germany “East” sea! Hot Sea Buckthorn juice in the wintertime is very yummy and has also lot’s of Vit C! More than a Lemon has!

  8. raushan

    Magdalena, I’ve just found this site for purchasing sea buckthorn.
    Hope it’ll help.

  9. Chris

    I checked the Raintree Nursery site and saw that they only have one variety available now, and it is female. these produce the berries, but there must be a male plant within about 50 feet. Another source for buying the shrubs is Saint Lawrence Nurseries in Potsdam, NY.

  10. PlantGirl

    Try PatioPlants.com they are suppose to be adding an entire new edible fruit line and they tell me both make and female plants will be sold together in the Spring of 2011.

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