16 responses to “Tortula muralis”

  1. J

    Wow! The photography NEVER fails to amaze me!
    Good stuff!

  2. Max

    This has been my desktop wallpaper for ages, it’s nice to read what it actually is.

  3. TC

    Nice write-up Connor. And it’s easy to see why there’s an interest in the moisture saving features of moss with water at a premium.

  4. elizabeth a airhart

    i really really like this picture
    we are so dry here in florida its
    a worry as march is going to be most dry
    some areas will be freezing rain is needed
    thank you eric and conner
    will the garden be puting seeds
    in to the artic seed bank

  5. Jenn

    I LOVE the bryophytes! And now I know what they are called. You guys always come through with such interesting stuff. Thanks!

  6. Betty

    Amazing photography, mosses are beautiful when one can observe them real close up.

  7. gina

    Thanks for a great write-up! I really enjoy the occassional forays into the non-vascular, fungi, etc.

  8. Eric in SF

    Conor – thanks for finally identifying this moss for me!

  9. Wendy Cutler

    My goodness what a lot of words I’ve never seen before. It was still interesting, even though I’m not going to learn those words. Great photo, Eric. I love how the tall bits have big water droplets and the short little bits have tiny little water droplets.

  10. ifeoma chidebe

    this is an interesting close-up. bryophytes are the most interesting plant species on earth.

  11. cody

    Excellent write-up Connor, I really enjoyed it! And excellent photograph Eric, I really enjoyed it too!

  12. Rick Janovsky

    Really nice picture.Thanks for posting.

  13. Margaret-Rae Davis

    What a wonderful Photograph. This is very special. I am so pleased to learn so many new things.
    Thank you,

  14. teresa

    you mentioned one continent no found on what is is? also how does one get rid of the moss?

  15. janis

    Yes, which continent?
    I would assume North America because I assume that’s where you are. I can certainly see how it couldn’t migrate to South America.
    Also, of course, the photograph is breath taking. the picture is now my wallpaper and I am now a bryophytofile

  16. hitesh bhatt

    really so good

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