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  1. bev

    Welcome, Connor, and thanks for a great write up! And thanks to Stephen for the picture. I grow 2 varieties of this plant in my greenhouse, and another notable feature is its heavenly fragrance, especially at night, when the plant holds its blooms facing more outward, rather than hanging down vertically as during daytime (apparently attributed to pollination by night flying insects). When my plants are in bloom, it permeates the entire room!

  2. Loey

    I’ve grown the pink and yellow brugmansias in containers for years now, and every spring they come out of the basement looking like withered sticks and yet ‘spring’ forth in green every year! Then those heavenly flowers wafting through the air around 5:30 on a summer evening as I sip my red wine on my deck while my husband tends a savoury barbeque dinner on the coals. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH, aren’t we lucky?

  3. Hollis

    welcome Connor … to a great resource – BPotD.

  4. Sue in Bremerton WA

    I am so jealous of Bev and Loey. I love flowers that have a nice scent. My friend grows pots and pots of lilys on her patio, and when the weather gets hot, she puts them under her canopy. To go over there on a hot summer afternoon and sip tea is one of my favorite things to do. Too bad we live in such a cold climate, as she would probably grow these too. They are so beautiful.

  5. cody

    Sue, don’t let the cold northwest climate prevent you from growing these magnificent plants! I live in Pullman (where the climate is much colder) and I have a Brugmansia in my bedroom that perfumes the entire house each night with its blossoms. These plants thrive in pots out of doors in the Puget Sound region from late early May to late September, and during the colder months of the year you can either bring them indoors near a bright window or put them in a cool dark area where they will go dormant to awaken next Spring. They are marvelous on late summer evenings. Good luck!

  6. Barbara Lamb

    Welcome, Connor!
    I have grown a white Datura (a related species, or the same by another name?) for years, in fact it self-seeds a little too easily in my Toronto garden.

  7. Linda Miller in Williamsburg VA USA

    Welcome Connor and many thanks to the BPotD staff. I am a botanical artist and I have been receiving your daily picutures for two weeks. I am so glad to have found you. Also I shared your site with the Yahoo’s Botanical Illustration group site.
    Again I thank you,
    Linda Miller, Williamsburg VA

  8. TC

    I love the color of this flower.
    I wonder why there’s no “raindrops” on surrounding foliage or branches or things in the background? I suspect a spray bottle was used to give the appearance of raindrops.

  9. Ann Trusty

    I have just posted to paintings of Brugmansia to my web-site: http://www.hulseytrustystudios.com. Click on the Ann Trusty Gallery to see.
    Many thanks.

  10. Brent

    There’s nothing like a touch of moisture on a plant’s inflorescence to really suggest a certain delicious sumptuousness, isn’t there? Works for me every time.
    Cold watermelon, anyone?
    Welcome Connor!

  11. elizabeth a airhart

    welcome connor
    we did worry we might lose our favorite page
    thank you daniel
    i live in florida this lovely plant
    grows very well here

  12. Connor

    Thanks for the welcome everyone! I believe I employ the same method as cody to keep my angels trumpet alive throughout the winter.

  13. Beverley

    Brugmansia suaveolens – min. 7 degrees C/45 degrees F – A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants, Brickell, Cole, Zuk
    Brugmansia brug-man-see-a Shrubs and trees, formerly included in Datura, from which the species differ in having pendulous flowers. suaveolens swah-vee-o-lenz. Sweetly scented. Dictionary of Plant Names, Coombes

  14. georgia

    Barbara lamb…in your short season after the first flush of bloom let dry out severely and it will set some seeds usually in defense or survival. I live in the south so I don’t have to worry about the seeds.

  15. Else stockman

    Hi I have yellow and pink brugs and would like to purchase other colors . Could you help me where to obtain these
    I live in Langley

  16. Daniel Mosquin

    Else, that is a question that will be answered with much more speed on the forums (see link below the “Leave a comment” bit below).

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