10 responses to “Banksia praemorsa”

  1. Sue in Bremerton WA

    What an awesome picture of an awesome blossom. I think it is also nice to have the bee there for scale. Is each one of those bristles hollow with nectar in them for the bees, or pollen I guess, or is it between the bristles. Very interesting plant. Thanks for showing me something new yet again.

  2. krystyna Szulecla

    This has been photographed on Banksia Farm Mt. Barker

  3. Eric in SF

    The bees were diving into the deepest parts of the inflorescence and coming back out. I probably have a shot of a disappearing bee-butt from the same day! =)

  4. Dee49

    It looks like the bee is doing some weaving,working it’s way up the plant.

  5. Barbara Lamb

    Hands up everyone who wishes they could be a bee for a day!

  6. Meg Bernstein

    Call on me! Call on me!

  7. c.d.

    Ah ha! So this was the inspiration for the drive-through car wash.

  8. Eric in SF

    Alrightey – I did shoot bee-butts!
    View Large size to see them clearly. =)

  9. Margaret-Rae Davis

    What a great Photo and with such brillant colour and with the blue sky. It is great to see the bee as it shows how large the flower is.
    Thank you

  10. Judy Scarborough

    What a nice surprise to see a BPotD taken at the Arboretum here on campus, which inspired me to do two things. First I emailed our UCSC Arboretum staff, they were unfamilar with BPotD and very pleasantly surprised. Secondly I realize I need to take more walks through the UCSC Arboretum, and appreciate the wonderful resource so easily available to me. Thanks – judy

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