11 responses to “Orchis galilaea”

  1. Barbara Lamb

    sexy, indeed!

  2. Hollis

    Wow, that’s wild. The flowers in the bulb website photos are even more striking as to human forms. Have any mystical/folk meanings been attributed to those little people? What is the common name(s)?

  3. Andrea

    If it were my choice, I’d call it the homonculus orchid, not the Galilee orchid…

  4. Debby

    Fabulous closeup. The blossoms look sugar-coated!

  5. Michael F

    Yeah, but remember it is fake sugar, designed to deceive!

  6. elizabeth a airhart

    mae west comes to mind
    do come up and see me sometime
    thank you just love them
    the picture is so good close up sharp
    so clear and they are such goody dears
    ziegfield follies girls on parade

  7. Meg Bernstein

    Thanks for the information on the pollinators. I’m always curious about that.

  8. Eric in SF

    It’s my understanding that Orchis species in Turkey are under severe pressure due to overcollecting for the production of salep. Traditional culture in Turkey states that men who consume food containing salep will experience increased sexual vigor.

  9. Margaret-Rae Davis

    This photograp is beautiful . I really like the extreme close-up, as it shows so much.
    Another learning experience for me in the write-up.
    Thank you,

  10. Gabriella

    hello Daniel, you are making the beautifulst job on this your site one, unfortunately for me is difficult to make of the comments, I do not know the language enough, compliments

  11. Udi

    Nice photo!
    For some more photo of this nice species see our website with user contributed photos:
    We hope we could add some detailed distribution maps in the future.

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