12 responses to “Nitobe Memorial Garden”

  1. Barbara Lamb

    Come, let’s go
    till we’re buried.

  2. Deborah Gibson

    gorgeous photos, beautiful place

  3. Ginny

    Oh! These pictures, as much as any I’ve seen in the last couple of years from BPotD, make me want to take the long journey from Maine to visit your garden. What really touched my heart is the way the path was so beautifully cleared (by a broom?) into that lovely pattern. Thanks so much.

  4. Bkida

    The apparent footprints on the ice send “chills” down my spine in light of the recent news of the gentleman who fell through the pond ice in Boston.

    It conjures up a haiku:
    Tracks on river ice
    Proof of a winter’s mercy
    Pictures sent are nice

  5. Eric La Fountaine

    It was hard to choose which images to use for this post (actually, I let Daniel choose). I posted a few more photos taken the same morning on the UBC Botanical Garden Forums.

  6. elizabeth a airhart

    white lilacs in the snow
    white crystals upon the blooms
    i revel in the glittering night
    my feet have wings as i walk
    the starry nignt to sit upon
    the moon and fill my cup
    by elizabeth a
    your images are just so full of beauty

  7. van

    Beautiful photos. So elegant.

  8. Beverley

    Marvellous photos, even the path has been cleared with care and symmetry.

  9. TC

    If only there were more sunshine during northeast winters. Perhaps then could I see beauty in such cold photographs.

  10. Cyndy Henderson

    OH, the quiet beauty of winter, so exemplified in these photos … time for another log on the fire?

  11. Janet A.

    Thank you for such lovely pictures, Eric (and for the others you posted on the Garden Forums). They do bring out the poetry in us! I love snow scenes, but they surely make me thankful to be in warm San Diego County!

  12. bonita march

    Ahhh…..so tranquil. I want to go there. I live in New Westminster. I don’t drive. Can I just go there? Really, opening this site each morning just makes my day. Thankyou so much.

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