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  1. van

    Gorgeous photos. I’ve just recently acquired an interest in Hebes. Thanks for sharing the article.

  2. elizabeth a airhart

    lovey plant -the plant that was
    once called veronica ?
    from links the plant comes a number
    colours something called whip cord
    something new to learn every day
    would it grow in florida
    thank you eric

  3. Michael F

    “lovey plant -the plant that was
    once called veronica ?”
    Still is (or is again) according to many botanists; if Hebe is excluded from Veronica, it leaves Veronica paraphyletic unless the genus is further subdivided.

  4. Nancy D.

    Great photos. I fell in love with their texture when I worked at Bloom’s of Bressingham in England years ago. I would have many in my garden if it weren’t for these Ohio winters…..

  5. Ron B
  6. Renata

    Hi everyone.
    I discovered this site some time ago and it’s been delighgting to look at all the beautiful pictures. I have thought of making some submissions, but instead I’ll leave you a link where you can see some pictures that I’ve taken. If perhaps anyone would be interested in acquiring the original photos, feel free to ask me. I’d be really happy to see one of my photos in here!
    Congrats for the wonderful site =)
    Here’s the link

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