12 responses to “Eucalyptus deglupta”

  1. Justine Roths

    Gorgeous, thank you!

  2. Annie in Texas

    I had to laugh. It is very beautiful in nature, but when I first glanced at the picture my first thougth was, “Ug, that was my sister’s 1970’s color scheme! NOOOOooooo!”

  3. Sue in Bremerton WA

    Very interesting photo. As it unfolded I looked and looked, thinking it was a ‘bird eye view’ of the earth, somewhere where the Eucalyptus grew, it looks like lakes, and various crops of whatever, and honestly, I was kind of confused until I realized that this must be a picture of the trunk or bark of the tree. Amazing where one’s imagination can go with just a picture. I’ve not written a thousand words, but I could, I bet. Thanks for the very colorful treat.

  4. LPN (Barrie)

    I grow a number of Eucs on my property and knew immediately what it was, even though I don’t (can’t) grow this one. A great photo!
    Cheers, LPN (Barrie)

  5. Meg Bernstein

    Interesting colors. Hmm, the Phillipines are in the northern hemisphere? Phew, back to Google Earth!

  6. elizabeth a airhart

    the above looks like a fine painting
    with a wide brush used by the artist
    thank you

  7. Margaret-Rae Davis

    Today Photograph is very interesting. I am please to learn where it is natice too.
    Thank you,

  8. BK

    Wow! What an eye this photographer has! Thank you for this beautiful image.

  9. Marjorie Jarrett

    Thank you for solving a mystery! We admired and photographed 3 trees with this beautiful rainbow bark on Maui, but had no idea what it was.

  10. Ken

    Very beautiful and also similar to the snow gum bark. Is there a family tree for eucalypts ?

  11. shiborigirl

    an inspiration for some hand dyed shibori….


    I can tell where can I obtain seeds of this type of eucalyptus’m interested
    thanks for the reply

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