10 responses to “Diapensia lapponica subsp. lapponica”

  1. Eric in SF

    Absolutely stunning.
    I fixed the wikipedia error – hopefully it sticks.

  2. Sue in Bremerton WA

    Oh thank you for yet another wonderful picture of something that I would otherwise have never seen. You have certainly opened my world and my mind. I love these little flowers!

  3. van

    Gorgeous photos. Very attractive plant, and I learned a new word – chionophobic. Thanks!

  4. Beverley

    Diapensia lapponica – Z2 – RHS Index of Garden Plants, Griffiths

  5. elizabeth a airhart

    thank you– a little darling indeed

  6. Hollis

    neat … makes me long for summer and “lying flat on the ground” in the alpine country

  7. max

    Wait, is Labrador part of Newfoundland? I thought the province was Labrador and Newfoundland, and I seem to remember seeing different license plates for each.

  8. Walter R. Kaelin

    Diapensia lapponica, eine wunderschöne Pflanze, die ich selber gerne züchten möchte. Aber wo
    bekomme ich Samen?
    Walter R. Kaelin, Ilgenweidstr. 7, 8840 Einsiedeln

  9. Missy

    i love this plant like my own child

  10. Tami

    Diapensia may occur in spots on Ellesmere Island, but it is certainly not widespread there, nor anywhere else in the Arctic islands. Diapensia tends to grow mostly towards the eastern coast of the easternmost arctic islands and southwards.

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