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  1. Beverley

    Taxodium distichum – Z6 – RHS Index of Garden Plants, Griffiths
    Taxodium distichum – Z5-10 – A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants, Brickell, Cole, Zuk
    Taxodium distichum – . . the most suitable conifer for wet soils – Hillier Manual of Trees & Shrubs, 2003
    Taxodium, taks-o-de-um, from L. Taxus, the yew, and Gr. oides,like. Coniferous trees with yew-like leaves. distichum, dis-tik-um, the leaves in two rows. The Deciduous Cypress. Plant Names Simplified, Johnson and Smith

  2. elizabeth a airhart

    memories are made like this
    i was born in new jersey elizabeth
    now i am in florida
    i remember ice storms and 26inches of snow
    when only flurries were expected and while
    causeing much harm it was so beautiful
    snow in april i lived in ma so bev would
    understand thank you for all the memories
    the park looks lovely

  3. Marin Alvarez

    The second picture is of the Harlem Meer. The picture honors the beauty of this lovely place. It has been one of my favorite spots in CP for many years. It is just as beautiful in any season. Go see it, you will love it!

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