4 responses to “Swallenia alexandrae”

  1. bev

    The photo is a really interesting example of what must be evolutionary adaptation to the site – the rhizome sneaking along in the shifting sands with the occasional patches of green. Thanks to Michael for the photo and to Daniel for the always-fascinating commentary.

  2. yousatonmycactus

    Looks strikingly like Kikuyu grass.

  3. ingrid

    Thanks for this Michael & Daniel! I find it fascinating. One of my particular interests is sand dune plants and this BPotD together with its links is so interesting to me. All the sand dune systems here in UK are by the sea, good to find out about inland systems – similarities & differences. Sad story too, but seems these are tough guys and will keep fighting for survival now they have some (better enforced) protection, so long as they can stand up to the new botanical & human threats. Would love to visit this area some day…

  4. Margaret-Rae Davis

    This us a most interesting Photograph. The commentary was very interesting. I am pleased to be learning more each day.
    Thank you,

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