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  1. Ron B

    Facciola, CORNUCOPIA II (Kampong Publications) reports that
    “The red flowers, which resemble cucumber in flavor, may be eaten raw or cooked. Diegueno Indians are known to have sucked the flower for its nectar, as desert hikers do today”

  2. elizabeth a airhart

    a lot of information on the web
    about this handsome plant and pictures
    also comes in my favorite yellow
    thank you once again

  3. Eric Simpson

    Being a frequent visitor to the Palm Canyon area, I love seeing this flower and it’s attendant hummers – often the only visible wildlife around.

    unless you hiked 3-4 miles into the canyon, you were not in it’s “upper reaches” ;-). I assume this photo was taken during your trip a year (or so?) ago. Don’t know if you were/are aware of it, but the first palm grove is less than half as exstensive as it once was due to a severe flash flood a few years back, while the second and third groves are virtually non-existant now.

  4. Renee

    Does anyone else see a funny face it the petal hanging down? It looks like an old man making a sour face.

  5. Daniel Mosquin

    Heh, alright Eric – the lower middle reaches, then, perhaps?

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