9 responses to “Eryngium creticum”

  1. James

    Simple and yet so beautiful.

  2. David Midgley

    Nice shot, love the blue and yellow colours.

  3. Cyndy Henderson

    Great plant and wonderful photo!

  4. Hazel

    Absolutely beautiful photo! Lovely to see on a cold, windy, snowy day in Chilliwack! Reminds me that summer, hopefully, can’t be too far away!!!

  5. elizabeth a airhart

    google book search
    the universal botanist and nursery man
    richard weston pp 303 year 1770
    a nice digital copy
    crete eryngo gave me better links
    i hope the colder months will be
    kind to your gardens thank you

  6. bev

    I love the prickly textural Eryngium in focus, contrasted with the soft, out of focus yellow background plant. Great composition!

  7. Roberto

    Many thanks for your very beautiful photos !!
    crete eryngio is a nice digital photo.

  8. Dianne Huling

    The plant in the foreground (not background) looks like a monocot such as a Gladiolus. What is it? The shot is similar to taking photos of animals at the zoo through the fence. The focus allows most if not all of the fence to
    “disappear” while focusing on the animal. This Eryngium creticum is lovely. I believe it can be dried for floral arrangement and still retain most of its blue color.

  9. Carol Ross

    This photo shows perfectly how lighting and composition can make simple subject matter into beuty. (and, of course, the skilled photographer who can put those elements together is needed) I can always visit your site to absorb the beauty of nature into my soul.

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